Get an ITIN Number

There are many advantages for people who cannot get a Social Security Number to instead opt to get an ITIN Number (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number ). The ITIN Number has many of the same characteristics and benefits as a Social Security Number – but is given to those people who cannot get an SSN. Here are some similarities between ITIN Numbers and Social Security Numbers:

  • ITIN is a tax processing number issued by the IRS
  • ITIN Numbers have the same number of digits as an SSN
  • ITIN Numbers always begins with the always begins with the number 9
  • ITIN Numbers always have a 7 or 8 in the fourth digit

Like the Social Security Number, ITIN Numbers can be used as a legal way to pay taxes on income earned in the United States. This reporting of income also has many advantages including:

  • Opening a bank account:  Having an ITIN Number allows a person to open an interest bearing savings account
  • Getting a driver’s license:  In some states a person who has an ITIN Number can use it to get a driver’s license. (Contact your local DMV to confirm)
  • Getting a mortgage: There are some lenders who allow an ITIN Number to be used to secure a mortgage on a home
  • Getting a credit card: Some credit card companies accept the ITIN Number as a replacement for an SSN and with that – can secure credit cards for customers
  • Getting a car loan: Financing an auto loan with an ITIN Number is also an option, depending on where you go. Some car lots accept the ITIN Number in the same manner as an SSN